Sunday, November 14, 2010

Favorite Fictional Writers

In my recent post at the Writer's Vineyard, I mentioned fictional writers in Showtime's Californication and Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys. It got me thinking about other books and movies that are about writers, and I decided to write a follow-up blog. I've love to hear which ones are your favorites; here are some that come to mind in no particular order:

The World According to Garp: "My husband doesn't putter. He's a writer."

The Shining: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Misery: "I'm your biggest fan."

As Good As It Gets: "How do you write women so well?" "I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability."

Finding Neverland: No particular line here, just the scene where he manifests clowns in the middle of Hyde Park. I have to go in another room and sob.

Wonder Boys: "Oh no. He's narrating."

I know there's a bunch I'm forgetting, which is why I'm asking my writer buddies to supply their favorite, or at least memorable, movies and books about writers.


  1. CASTLE!!

    But I've had mad love for Nathan Fillion since Firefly (original Browncoat here, watched Firefly on TV!!)

    I also LOVED Romancing the Stone, and that was probably one of the movies that sold me on writing romance. It was released right around the time I read my first true romance novel. Jewel of the Nile was great too, but that first book was awesome.

    And because of that movie, I am *still* want to find an awesome romance in the jungles of Central/South America.

    "Joan Wilder? THE Joan Wilder?!"



  2. Fun topic, Ashley! Secret Window with Johnny Depp. The quote, "The only thing that matters is the ending."

  3. So, since everyone is mentioning movies and mine was already mentioned: (Romancing the Stone), I'll shout out a song. Paperback Writer by the Beatles always fascinated me. "Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
    It took me years to write, will you take a look?"

  4. Bones: Bones/Brenan is a crime-fic writer, and one of her stories is brought to life by a serial killer and they end up investigating it.

    Supernatural: Sam and Dean meet a guy who has been selling their lives as books, despite having never met them, and has created a cult following. He is revealled to be a prophet (My favourite episode - I'd be soooo creeped-out if one of my characters met me...)

    Stranger Than Fiction: The character meets his author. I loved that scene where she couldn't hit the full stop that would kill him, and has a nervous breakdown.

  5. I had to throw in a shout out to Castle too. Love his author character.

    The movie Alex and Emma with Luke Wilson and Kate Hudson. It wasn't a huge box office success but I loved it because the plot revolves around the creative process of writing a book. It's also cute and funny.

  6. Nim's Island. Jodi Foster ROCKS! I can sooo see myself in her. When I see her chatting with Alex Rover I see myself talking to my characters.
    Alex Rover: Be the hero of your own life story.
    Alexandra Rover: Don't hand me that line - I wrote that line!
    I LOVE this movie. It's not a box office smash but I can sooo relate!


  7. Those are awesome! Thanks everyone. I need check out Castle, apparently!!

  8. Darn... someone already mentioned Stranger than Fiction. ;)
    Even though it wasn't totally a writer thing - I'm throwing out Inkheart. The whole "book" thing was awesome.

  9. I have to say too while others were probably watching Julie & Julia for the cooking - I was paying attention to the writing/publishing issues going on. :)

  10. OK Finding Forester. When Sean Connery arrives at the school during Literary Competition and the Tutor gets fired. Classic